Scientifically designed Stylish Footwear for Orthopedic, Diabetic & Therapeutic use having Multi-Layered MCP / MCR In-sole with Hardness Shore A 8-20

Micro Cellular Rubber (MCR) Footwear

The Micro Cellular Rubber footwear manufactured with a SHORE A HARDNESS OF 15'-20 ', helps prevent high pressure points, avoid plantar ulcers in anaesthetic feet specially in prevention of Diabetic Ulcers

Micro Cellular polyurethane Footwear

The Micro Cellular polyurethane (MCP) footwear is lighter in weight ,very soft with a shore hardness of 12-15 Shore A .High degree of contact between the insole and foot reduce plantar pressures in a manner that may reduce ulcer occurrence.

Customised Wound Care Footwear

Customised wound care footwear manufactured as per the consulting Doctor's prescription to offload the pressure on the wounded area. Scooping as well as special footwear for Limb Length Discrepancy

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Merit Medilinks Footwear

This comfortable Footwear is specially designed to give relief to foot pain associated with Orthopedic conditions/Diabetic Complications

 Made from multi layered MCP/ MCR insole, curated to give 

* Postural Stability, 

* Shock absorption,

 * Resilience

 * Soft and Lightweight structure

These are made available in attractive designs, colors and sizes as  providing a wide range of selection satisfying all tastes. These footwear are durable yet affordable.

Merit Medilinks Foot Analysis

We also perform  planter pressure and gait analysis at very minimal cost which cN helps Doctors/ Physiotherapists to diaganos the root cause  We have our own iPhone app to scan foot and hence correct size and  contours of your feet. We can ship the footwear as per your scanned foot and gait analysis. This will help people with calluses/corns. We can provide scoop at the exact required position. Gait analysis also helps in providing customized footwear with appropriate pressure offloading.

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Lalitha Bangalore

I got made customised footwear it's really good.After an accident my ankle ligaments were damaged as per the advice of orthopaedic Doctor I visited this Shop Mr Dheeraj could notice my problem explained everything and made customised footwear for me as per my requirement . I'm happy with the service.I also would like to appreciate the staff member she was very helpful

Dakshin Shiva

Great service. Excellent products. Very comfortable footwear and my foot pain has almost gone. Thanks!

Khushi Goosari Designation

I had plantar fasciitis. After wearing their customized slippers with arch support pain has reduced. Thank you so much merit medilinks