We ordered a diabetic footwear and the quality is really appreciable, plus the cushioning inside the footwear is also done very nicely. There is no compromise is quality of the footwear, it is just like what a diabetic footwear should be best in comfort. As there was an amputed foot in our case an extra cushioning was also provided for support.
I would, also like to appreciate the supplier of Merit Medilinks, he was very cooperative and genuinely a very good person.

Prachi Pathak

Silvassa ,
Dadara and Nagar Haveli


We had been searching for getting custom shoe made for my mom after her knee surgery. Merit Medicines not only made these shoes but also gave us very suggestions on the design and comfort for them. Also, they are not money minded, they have reasonable prices and support very good after sales support. Would highly recommend them.

Supreeth Reddy



One of the excellent shops for diabetic/Orthopedic Footwear. They have a factory to prepare footwear. So one can get customized and quality footwear. Mr/Mrs. Dhiraj did lot of research on the footwear, they give valuable information and suggestions for the customers. In fact I got more details from Dhiraj than a doctor for diabetic footwear.
Thanks for the quality footwear and suggestions.

I am really impressed.



Poornima Kulkarni

I strongly recommend Merit Medilink's footwear for comfort and convenience and now style too. I am using their footwear for my flat foot and it is really great comfort. My footwear was custom made according to my needs. Appreciate the patience, interest and care shown by Merit Medilinks team. My Happy feet and me thank Dheeraj sir, Madhavi and team 😊👏🏻🤩 Wish you the best 👍

Mahantesh Talageri, Dvl. Manager (Ret), LIC, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Bengaluru 1

Merit Medilinks is doing an excellent service in providing wide range of user friendly, 'healthy' footwears to the public at very reasonable prices.👌 Mr and Mrs Dheeraj are the unassuming persons understanding the customer need greatly!🙏 I was astonished to have my custom-fit footwear done within an hour before my eyes!✌️ They are so humane in their approach that reflects in the attitude, dedication and friendly behaviour of their workers and staff as well!!🙏 Applause for their sincere efforts and work culture in ensuring their customers' delight!👏 I wish them great success and strongly recommend the public to give them a try!👍 ~

Rashmi Shirke

Ordered footwear for my mom. It's really good quality, soft and comfortable. The design is also very good. Also appreciate the service given by the staff. Thankyou 2